Sitecore for Salesforce Connector

Sitecore Salesforce

S4S lets Sitecore users seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce. By integrating these two feature packed super-systems, the connector opens a new world of opportunities for marketing your products and services.

From within Salesforce, marketers can control how the company website looks and behaves for individual visitors. Tailored web content can be shown to individual website users based on settings in their Salesforce Contact or Lead record. This versatility presents many opportunities to deliver personalized browsing on the public network.

Rendering targeted content to individual customers is not the only leverage S4S offers. With real time bi-directional communication, almost any object in either system can be made visible to the other. For example, Salesforce documents can be made accessible on the website to anonymous or selected users with access permissions. Even website login credentials can be stored and controlled in Salesforce Contact (or Lead) records.

S4S fully supports the integration of Salesforce Campaigns and Sitecore ECM.

Please see the following videos to help you understand how S4S works:

For more information please download the S4S brochure.