Our recent efforts have been largely focused on extending our S4S ECM module so it makes a change to announce powerful new core features in S4S, our Sitecore for Salesforce connector.

In the lead capture and qualify space, S4S can now create a new Salesforce lead or contact that includes Sitecore DMS analytics data. Further, their website experience, on subsequent visits, can be personalised from within Salesforce. The following is a typical usage scenario:

  • An anonymous visitor submits a web form (WFFM or custom form) that creates an new Salesforce lead or contact record
  • Visitor leaves the website
  • The new Salesforce record has been populated with the form data plus DMS information like goals, goal score and page count. This data is reportable so Salesforce marketers can quickly identify the hot leads from a huge list of candidates
  • The marketer can use the “Get Analytics” button on the record to see the actual pages visited, duration on each page, visit date and visitor IP
  • Marketer reviews the Salesforce record and makes profile and role personalisations
  • Visitor returns to the website at a later date
  • Sitecore identifies the visitor by cookie
  • Sitecore renders web content based on profile settings in the matched Salesforce record
  • Sitecore applies a role based on role settings in the matched Salesforce record
  • Visitor experiences a tailored presentation of relevant information that may include information not publicly available

If you are an existing S4S user and want to use this feature please call and we can provide it as a download.