Recent releases of S4S have introduced many new features.

The major points are as follows:

  • S4S license keys have been removed from S4S.config and located in the same folder as the Sitecore license file
  • The S4S Mapping wizard, that allows Sitecore administrators to map form fields to Salesforce, is now included in the basic installation of S4S
  • Added support for users to map Last Password Change Date to Salesforce
  • Improved batch caching features
  • Improved multi-role functionality

Please look at the S4S release notes for more details.

The latest versions include breaking changes so existing users cannot simply overwrite the existing libraries and expect the functionality to continue working. A recompile of the impacted website projects will be required.

S4S ECM has experienced even more change. The Email Campaign Manager extension now has a wide range of features to help Salesforce users effectively filter and push their report outputs and campaign lists to Sitecore for email dispatch. The new functionality also allows the campaign results to be reflected in Salesforce. For example, opt-outs and bounced emails are mapped back to individual members of each Salesforce campaign.