The latest releases of S4S support Sitecore 6.6 and Sitecore 7.0.

The key new features are as follows:

  • New sample code has been added to the S4S Starter Kit.
  • S4S has been updated to match the Salesforce Partner API Version 28.0.
  • The provider model now supports the mapping of Salesforce Leads and Contacts to Sitecore users.
  • The provider model has been changed to support improvements to the S4S ECM module.
  • Improved upsert and campaign functionality created after form submitted to update Salesforce.

Please look at the S4S release notes for more details. Customers wishing to use S4S will need to declare the Sitecore version they are using.

S4S ECM has undergone further changes with the email responses of Salesforce Campaign members now mapped to the Salesforce Campaign Member object rather than to their individual Lead and Contact objects.  

The latest versions include breaking changes so existing users cannot simply overwrite the existing libraries and expect the functionality to continue working. A recompile of the impacted website projects will be required.