The latest release of S4S (our Sitecore to Salesforce connector) includes a technical status page to expose important configuration and integration information. 

Because S4S is a transparent connector it does not require a GUI so accessing the working status has, until now, been a matter of searching through the Sitecore log file. Typically, to expose the necessary level of detail, the logging level in web.config had to be set to DEBUG and this required a website restart. The new status page makes this unnecessary. 

Available using your Sitecore administrator login at, the status page lists critical settings to ensure the connector is installed and performing correctly. The status page includes information about your:

  • Salesforce Partner API details
  • Salesforce edition and relevant
  • Sitecore packages and versions installed
  • S4S version 
  • S4S membership, role and profile configuration
  • S4S licensing status
  • IIS bindings used by S4S

 If you are an existing S4S user and want to use this feature please call and we can provide it as a download.