If your company has recently moved from Microsoft technologies to Salesforce you probably have the tools, systems, and expertise to use your servers to host a disaster management solution for Salesforce.

Our new Salesforce Data Disaster Management Solution (SDDMS) automates the backup of Salesforce data to your local or cloud-based Microsoft servers. SDDMS can work in a minimalist mode, just transparently downloading Salesforce data exports and the associated schema to your server. If data analysis is required, SDDMS can create and populate a new SQL Server instance using the stored data export and schema. If your business also wants to access the data for operational purposes, as would be the case in a disaster, SDDMS can spin up an IIS hosted website that makes your Salesforce data available for searching and viewing.

SDDMS works with snapshots of Salesforce data derived from data exports (which are created within Salesforce using a scheduled event). If real-time data is required customers would need to use our G4S connector.