We are happy to announce exciting new S4S features in the Sitecore Analytics section in Salesforce contact and lead records.

A Sitecore form can be used to push the Sitecore analytics data to Salesforce. Once inside Salesforce, the browsing behavior can be viewed, reported against, and edited so the returning visitor will have the required experience in Sitecore.

The information pushed to Salesforce includes goals reached, total goal score, visit page count, and Sitecore profile and pattern cards.

Sitecore Goals: These are tags placed on important items on the website that indicate a visitor has seen or interacted with the item.

Sitecore Profile: Categories defining the tracking criteria when capturing visitor behavior.

The following is a snapshot of the new Sitecore analytics section.

Marketers can use the following functionalities:

  • Get Analytics: Use this button to get the latest Sitecore DMS data for the associated visitor. This populates the contact or leads in Salesforce based on the cookie on the visitor’s browser.
  • View Page History: View the pages visited, duration on each page, visit date, and visitor IP.
  • View Details: View the Sitecore visitor profile and goals reached. An option enables the profile key values in Salesforce to be edited. Saving the changes will save the values in Sitecore so the returning visitors will see web content based on the rules set for profile key values or pattern cards.

If you are an existing S4S user and want to use this feature please call and we can provide it as a download.