S4S Release 1.82.17101.1 is now available from our download website. Please contact us if you do not have a login and need access.

This release includes improvements to S4S features in both Sitecore and Salesforce. In Sitecore, improvements have been made to the S4S scheduler which now uses the Salesforce Bulk API to more efficiently push Sitecore analytics to Salesforce leads and contacts. This improves performance, which is particularly important if Sitecore EXM is used to email large numbers of recipients who then visit the website by clicking on a link in the email. This can generate a huge increase in website visitors, each with many Sitecore interactions, which all need to be pushed to Salesforce without consuming large numbers of API calls.

In Salesforce, the Sitecore analytics section remains visually similar but now the data is automatically refreshed when changes are made to the Sitecore personas and pushed to Sitecore xDB.

Other important changes are:

  • Better support CD/CM servers
  • Salesforce MasterDetailRelationships and LookupRelationships are now exposed as properties in Sitecore.
  • S4S now supports the Salesforce AI updates introduced in Spring 17 (v39.0).APIs.

See more on our release notes page.

Next Release

This release will provide better support for M4S and adds new WFFM S4S Save Actions that work in the context of a Sitecore xDB Contact rather than a Sitecore Visitor cookie.