The Sitecore to Salesforce integration, S4S, supports the new Sitecore 9 Experience forms (see LinkedIn article).

One of the most popular S4S features is surfacing Sitecore website analytics in the Salesforce lead and contact records.

The screenshot example below shows the individual analytics data available from a Sitecore visitor who submitted a web form, as it appears in Salesforce. This intelligence is very useful to the salesperson tasked with responding to an inquiry and selling a product or service.

Consider the valuable insights the Salesforce user now has for this prospect:

  • Level of enthusiasm
    • Number of times this person has visited the website
    • Visit duration
    • Number of pages viewed on this visit
    • Where the visitor was before arriving on the website
    • Engagement value
  • Interest Focus
    • Visitors Sitecore Pattern Card
    • Sitecore goals and goal values
    • Actual pages visited

To learn more about how S4S can add value to your business please contact us for more information.