Low budgets and short timelines can play havoc when building software! The project management triangle tells us that reducing cost, scope or time will adversely impact quality.



When I say “quality”, I really mean “enterprise quality” as it creates a better picture for the type of customers we deal with. So, before you start building software, stop and think, “enterprise”. Creating enterprise systems requires careful consideration about your business needs now and in the future. Key areas of focus should be:

  • Software and data locations
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Support and training

To illustrate the importance of developing enterprise solutions, consider how your website would respond if a significant social media event suddenly attracted thousands of visitors to it in a short space of time. It is likely the high traffic volume will bring the website down negating the amazing opportunity to collect a huge volume of leads and therefore opportunities to make sales.

Of course, rapid application development can produce enterprise quality but this will be at the expense of scope. Keen to know more about us? Contact us for more information.