You can use the S4S List Builder to create Sitecore Contact Lists from Salesforce reports and campaigns. If you use Sitecore Email eXperience Manager (EXM) and have been frustrated by exporting recipient lists from Salesforce, reformatting them in Excel, then importing the list to Sitecore, then S4S List Builder will make your life much easier.

Included with S4S, the List Builder is a Sitecore Launchpad application that lets marketers create native Sitecore Contact Lists from Salesforce contacts and leads. The Contact Lists can then be used with Sitecore EXM to dispatch mass email targeted recipients - typically your prospects (often Salesforce leads) or clients (Salesforce contacts).

Sitecore monitors the results of EXM email dispatches and provides marketers with a raft of extensive reports so the effectiveness of each campaign can be determined. These underlying response data can also be pushed through to Salesforce using FuseIT's optional S4S EXM module.

 The latest release, S4SLB-1.2, introduces addition fields, sortable columns, and pagination controls to help find your Salesforce reports and campaigns faster.