Sitecore Experience Forms let you quickly create web forms on your website. These forms are typically used for:   

  • Conference and event registrations
  • Information requests
  • Membership applications
  • Survey or feedback submissions
  • Setting communication preferences
  • Job applications

Having forms on your website is great, but how do you get that crucially important data into your CRM?  Our Sitecore to Salesforce integration, S4S, connects Sitecore 9 Experience Forms with Salesforce, enabling the data entered on any form to seamlessly transfer to Salesforce. S4S includes a mapping wizard to make the set-up process very simple. The wizard can map a form to any Salesforce object and the related fields - the most common being to leads. 

Sitecore editors first create a new Sitecore Experience Form and assign it an S4S Save Action. Next, they open the S4S Mapping Wizard from the Sitecore Launch Pad and map the form to Salesforce by selecting:

  1. Which Salesforce instance they want to map their data to
  2. A form owner in Salesforce so they can be notified by workflow when a form is submitted
  3. A Salesforce object, or custom object
  4. A matching field in Salesforce for each field in the form
  5. Which fields are required to match to cause an update rather than an insert
  6. A Salesforce campaign to add the visitor to if the form is mapped to a lead or contact
  7. If the Sitecore analytics should also be pushed to Salesforce (Salesforce leads and contacts only)

S4S provides a great deal of interesting web browsing data to the salesperson. This information improves their knowledge and confidence, both essential, before initiating a conversation with the lead or contact.