Customers who have both Sitecore and Salesforce often use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email automation. Marketing Cloud (ET or MC) tends to be the frequent choice for B2C and Pardot for B2B. It does not take long in Marketing Cloud before you realize the extent of its capabilities. From a Sitecore integration perspective, there is a multitude of possibilities. From the onset, we made the decision to build something very effective but simple. 

A common requirement is to let website visitors fill out a lead form that creates a subscriber then adds the new subscriber to a Marketing Cloud subscriber list. Sitecore forms are typically created using a form creation wizard or by custom code. S4MC has a mapping wizard that maps the fields in these forms to Marketing Cloud subscriber fields, plus, deals with a raft of other challenges, like multiple endpoints, rules that determine if the Marketing Cloud entry should be an insert or an update, and populating data extensions.

The key functionality of S4MC, at this point in time, is the Save Action, and associated mapping wizard. This lets Sitecore marketers quickly create and map existing Sitecore forms to Marketing Cloud. If you need to know more about S4MC please contact us.