What will FuseIT be working on over the next few months? Here is a brief summary:


  • Complete Update 1 of S4S for Sitecore 9
    • Add Salesforce IDs to the visitors xDB facet after they submit a web form
    • Extend rules-based personalization based on data in the S4S custom facet 
  • New release of S4S EXM for Sitecore 9
  • New release of T4S to support Content Manager 9.3 (TRIM) and Salesforce Lightning
  • Upgrade S2T to support Content Manager 9.3 (TRIM) and Salesforce Lightning
  • Build S4S Now feature so the sales team can interact with website visitors in real time  
  • Complete documentation of S4S features for Sitecore 9
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for all the products in our suite

Professional Services Projects

  • Ongoing Salesforce customization and integration for our long-term clients
  • Undertake short-term projects for new and existing clients


  • Updating our S4S demo instance from Sitecore 8.1 Legal Demo to Sitecore 9.1
  • Complete Sitecore's TAP program technical requirements