Most people would agree that document management is a necessary but often tedious burden. These types of tasks beg to be automated to reduce costs and mitigate staff attrition. Ideally, the processing of documents should be completely invisible to the worker (abstracted away).

Micro Focus Salesforce

We created our Salesforce to Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM) integrations to eliminate the double or even triple handling of documents. T4S has just gone live at the NSW Department of Education to do exactly that. 

Several features implemented will save significant time and money:

  • Automatically save case attachments to TRIM. Cases and associated attachments are created in Salesforce from incoming emails using Lightning for Outlook
  • With the attachments safely in TRIM, they are auto-removed from Salesforce
  • Alternatively, documents in Salesforce can be manually synced to TRIM
  • The implementation lets Salesforce users directly access TRIM documents without needing to pass personal credentials to T4S
  • From Salesforce, operators can create case containers in TRIM for preexisting cases
  • Search capabilities in Salesforce let users find and view containers and records in TRIM

T4S has the Salesforce Lightning experience but also works in Classic. We support all TRIM versions from TRIM 7.3 to Content Manager 9.2.

FuseIT often provides free installation support to new customers adopting our S2T or T4S products.

To learn more about the value of integrating Micro Focus Content Manager with Salesforce, please contact us for more information.