The new S4S Mapping Wizard for Sitecore Experience forms (see LinkedIn article) introduces several new features not available for our equivalent WFFM wizard. Being an enterprise integration, we have made it possible to map different experience forms on your Sitecore website to different objects in different Salesforce orgs.

It is now quite common for large organizations to use more than one Salesforce org. This is often the result of a merger or acquisition where it is impractical to migrate the data from the constituent orgs into a single instance. Another example of companies using multiple orgs is where sales cloud and service cloud are both required. Where data is required to be shared between orgs, companies can use Salesforce to Salesforce and other tools

The S4S Mapping Wizard lets Sitecore editors select a Salesforce instance as the destination org for form data. Usually, this is a lead or contact record but could easily be a case, opportunity, account or any other Salesforce object. Salesforce OrgIds names are not user-friendly e.g. 00Dj0000001trMR, so to make it more palatable each org can be assigned an alternate name in the form mapping wizard configuration. 


After selecting the required org, editors can progress to selecting the standard or custom object the form will need to map to.

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