The S4S Mapping Wizard has always had the ability to map Sitecore forms to one or more Salesforce campaigns and this feature will remain for the Sitecore Experience forms (see LinkedIn article) support.

Any website visitor that completes and submits a Sitecore web form can be added to one or more Salesforce campaigns if the form is mapped to a lead or contact record. Note that campaigns only contain “human” entities so it makes no sense to map the likes of an opportunity. Within the campaign, visitors who complete forms will appear as campaign member records and can then be emailed or processed easily within Salesforce.


Mapping web forms to Salesforce campaigns, from within Sitecore, has several advantages:

  • Website leads from different forms can be separated easily in Salesforce and processed in bulk e.g. a mass email with each campaign email personalized with appropriate content
  • Sitecore editors do not require knowledge of Salesforce to complete the mapping
  • Salesforce users don’t need to create reports to determine where the leads came from

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