The following sequence of events are examples of how S4S interacts with Sitecore editors, Salesforce users, and website visitors.

Sitecore Web Forms

Sitecore Experience or WFFM forms are fully supported by S4S

  • Sitecore editor: Creates a Sitecore web form then maps the form fields to Salesforce lead fields using the S4S Mapping Wizard
  • Website visitor: Navigates the website then completes the lead form
  • Salesforce user: Views the web form data in a lead record along with the Sitecore analytics. After learning more about the visitor, the user changes the Sitecore personalization details in the lead record to better match their needs
  • Website visitor: Returns to the website and enjoys a more relevant experience

Sitecore Portal Access

Companies use web portals to expose information not normally available to the public. Portal users are typically privileged customers, or internal staff, who log in to access protected information.

  • Website visitor: Applies for portal access by completing a registration web form. The form requests a username and password from the visitor. The form has been mapped to a Salesforce contact record.
  • Salesforce user: Views the web form data in a contact record along with the Sitecore analytics. The user determines if the contact is entitled to portal access then edits the Sitecore user, role and profile details in the record to control the registrants access to the restricted web pages. The Sitecore username and password are stored in the contact record.
  • Website visitor: Attempts to log into the Sitecore website using their username and password. Sitecore grants portal access and page visibility based on the settings in their Salesforce contact record.

Sitecore Salesforce

Sitecore EXM

  • Salesforce user: Creates a Salesforce report (or campaign) that will be the recipient list for an email blast using Sitecore EXM.
  • Sitecore editor: Uses S4S List Builder to create a new xDB contact list then imports Salesforce report members (or campaign members) to a new Sitecore list. The editor creates a Sitecore email campaign and uses the new list as the recipient list.

These are examples of what can be achieved out of the box with S4S. To learn more about how S4S can add value to your business please contact us for more information.