This week we hit 10,000 downloads of the FuseIT SFDC Explorer (more if you count those with disposable email addresses). The Explorer is an advanced tool for Salesforce developers. We built the Explorer in late 2011 when we needed better visibility of Salesforce from the perspective of an assigned API user. It is only available to download from our website and is a free tool!

Some interesting facts about the Explorer are:

  • Daniel Ballinger from FuseIT developed most of the Explorer’s functionality. He is a Salesforce MVP and was instrumental in building our ASP.NET based Sitecore connector, S4S.
  • We are currently running at around 6 downloads per day
  • When someone in a company downloads the Explorer, others from the same company often download it the next day
  • The reasons for downloading the Explorer are given as (in order of popularity):
    • WSDL Parser and Apex Generator
    • Data Export
    • Run SOQL Queries
    • All functionality (specifics not disclosed)
    • Apex Log
    • Code Coverage
    • Apex Testing
  • We’ve never spammed anyone on our download list
  • We will never sell the download list (so don’t ask)
  • We’d love to commercialize it but have never had the time so it is FREE!
  • We are still adding features as time permits (and have a pipeline of new features)


Our ability to support the Explorer is limited as our team is usually very busy with Professional Services work however we are always happy to accept feedback. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact us.