S4S Release 1.9.18064.2 is now available. Please contact us if you do not have a login and need access.

This is an exciting and major S4S release that introduces the S4S Mapping Wizard for Sitecore Experience Forms. The wizard has new features including support for:

  • Multiple Salesforce instances
  • Form assignment to a nominated Salesforce owner
  • Flexible rules to ensure Salesforce records are not duplicated
  • Improved field assignment

From a development perspective, the important changes to the new wizard are:

  • Replicated and changed WFFM code to work with Sitecore 9 and xConnect
  • Removed 'Upload attachment' checkbox (Sitecore does not yet support attachments for EF)
  • Removed code that adds Salesforce fields as dictionary facets
  • Created functionality to add Salesforce fields to S4SInfo field facet

The introduction of xConnect to process Sitecore analytics has required us to make changes to S4S in Sitecore and Salesforce. The Sitecore analytics section in Salesforce remains visually similar but functions differently as personalization settings are now pushed to xDB facets. Some breaking changes may occur if you have a custom implementation. 

Other changes implemented in this release are:

  • S4S now supports the Salesforce Spring '18 v42.0 API
  • UpdateEntityAnalytics web service changed to create Sitecore xDB Contact objects
  • New methods have been added to return existing facet keys and save new ones
  • Pipeline class added to S4S to identify an xConnect Contact when they log in
  • S4S facets were modified and Analytics web service and LoadPreviousVisit controls changed
  • Added the S4SPushVisitor facet and functionality to use it to get the Sitecore interaction
  • Added functionality to use S4S bulk update service. Changed bulk update to use UTC time
  • Made bulk update parameters configurable in config
  • Updated S4S facet dictionary to be simple string key and string value. Added new Campaign Id rule
  • Updated S4S facet personalization branch for Sitecore 9
  • Updated identify and push visitor to use configurable identifier source
  • New RecordType security providers that extend the Account Lookup providers to filter by the objects RecordTypeId

 See more on our release notes page.