S4S Release 2.900.18222.3 is now available 

We are really pushing the personalization boundaries with our second S4S release for Sitecore 9. This extends the first release for Sitecore 9.

The new personalization features include support to:

  • Map Salesforce lead and contact field values to Sitecore xDB facets from within Salesforce
    • Changing the values of any mapped field in Salesforce will update the Sitecore facet in real time
    • Sitecore rules can be used to personalize based on the facet value
    • Website visitors will get an explicit personalization based on the Salesforce field value 
  • Set Sitecore pattern card or profile key values in Salesforce lead and contact fields
    • Changing the values will send them to a Sitecore facet in real time
    • Sitecore rules can be used to personalize based on the facet value
    • The website visitor will get an explicit personalization based on the Salesforce pattern card or profile key value
    • An S4S control can be placed on selected web pages to activate Sitecore implicit real-time profiling

From a development perspective, the important changes are:

  • Modified personalization web service with two methods to update XDBContacts with mapped Salesforce fields with Sitecore S4S facet keys
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Analytics - Changed the way profiles are written to facets from Salesforce (S4S personalization)
  • Analytics - Changed "Load Previous Visit" control to use profile ids instead of names
  • Personalization - Added personalization web service
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Personalization - Add ability to update facet fields and profiles. Change storage of profiles to be based on profile id rather than name
  • Personalization - Added new rule to match pattern card in S4S facet
  • Analytics/WFFM/Forms - Save Salesforce contact/lead id and org id into S4S facet when submitting forms with analytics
  • Personalization - Added personalization rules to allow comparison of S4S facet fields as Numeric or DateTime 
  • Personalization - Added personalization rule for profile keys stored in S4S facet

In Salesforce we now have two package options:

  • Not have Sitecore analytics data in Salesforce
  • Have Sitecore analytics data only (in lead and/or contact records)
  • Have both Sitecore analytics and personalization capabilities

See more on our release notes page. Please contact us if you need a login to our download website.