This roadmap outlines FuseIT's immediate plans in the Sitecore and Salesforce integration space. We are always keen to hear your ideas or use cases so we can continually improve our products.

S4S - Sitecore to Salesforce CRM Integration

S4S is an enterprise Sitecore to Salesforce integration that transacts in real-time and in both directions. S4S has a preference to use Salesforce as the source of truth, which is better than data replication which produces data in an unknown state. Some out-of-the-box S4S features include:

  • Map Sitecore forms (WFFM and Experience) to Salesforce
  • Push Sitecore xDB analytics to Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Map Salesforce fields to Sitecore xDB facets in Salesforce
  • Update Sitecore xDB pattern cards, profile values, and facets from Salesforce to personalize web experience in real-time
  • Use Salesforce to store Sitecore membership, role, and profile data so Salesforce contacts can log in to Sitecore to view secure web pages

S4S - Planned for 2018 

Currently, the S4S List Builder allows Salesforce campaigns and reports to be imported to Sitecore as a snapshot. We will add new functionality to:

  • Map the lists and regularly update Sitecore so list membership changes in Salesforce will be reflected in Sitecore List Manager
  • Add a search control to make it easier to find campaigns and reports in large Salesforce instances

S4S - Planned for 2019

Features to optimize communication with online prospects who call the sales or support phone number. This feature engages website visitors using a page control driven from Salesforce in real-time. This allows Salesforce operators to directly show information on the web pages in real-time.

  • Salesforce documents e.g. legal files and product images
  • Links other pages on the current site or other websites
  • Switch to alternative content that better suits the needs of the visitor 

More features will be added to the wizard that supports Sitecore Experience Forms:

  • Map to more than one Salesforce object
  • Map to different Salesforce record types
  • Support for selecting and uploading files from the forms to Salesforce 

S4MC - Salesforce to Marketing Cloud Integration

The S4MC integration maps Sitecore web form data, via a mapping wizard, to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) subscribers, lists, and data extensions. Data extensions in SMC are a receptacle for extraneous data. After mapping the form field data, S4MC uses the form Save Action to update SMC.

S4MC -  Planned for 2019

Enable email personalization on data extension data by creating a new S4MC Save Action that gets the Sitecore analytics and pushes it to a Sitecore data extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. SMC can use AMPscripts to translate the data extension values from Sitecore into specific email personalization content. This will happen in real-time and subsequently, the analytics will be updated via a Sitecore scheduled task.