Why does FuseIT get excited about Sitecore Salesforce integration? Easy, it's the potential to quickly improve your processes and profits. We have many ideas about how Salesforce integration with S4S can improve your business. Rather than list them all, we created a road map of the proposed key feature additions in the next five years (see the main existing features in this video).

S4S Road Map


  • S4S Now: Augment sales phone calls with real-time Sitecore personalization from Salesforce. Add Sitecore session details in Salesforce to facilitate anonymous personalization
  • S4S Analytics: Create Sitecore facet fields from within Salesforce lead or contact records (you can already Salesforce fields to facets from within Salesforce)
  • S4S Mapping Wizard: Additional options around when to create a new record in Salesforce
  • S4MC: Update our Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration to Sitecore 9.1 compatibility


  • S4S Now: Enable live landing pages driven from Salesforce and let the sales team expose selected Salesforce documents to identified Sitecore visitors in real time
  • S4S 10: Release support for Sitecore 10. Based on previous release cycles, we anticipate Sitecore 10 in 2020


  • S4S Now: Chat module enables live chat between Sitecore visitors and Salesforce users
  • S4S: Discontinue support for Sitecore 7. Continue support for Sitecore 8 and greater
  • S4S Mapping Wizard: Continue enhancements e.g. creating multiple Salesforce objects and record types in a single API call


  • S4S Google Analytics: Save Action to send Google analytics to Salesforce leads and contacts


  • S4MC Mapping Wizard: Push Sitecore analytics to Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions

These are just a few headline features that do not include the regular granular improvements and support for Sitecore update versions. Of course, these may change as we encourage feedback - maybe your ideas are better than ours. Please contact us if you want to contribute.