S4S Release 2.910.19066.2 is now available 

This release for Sitecore 9.1 introduces new features and makes improvements to the S4S Forms Mapping Wizard:

  • Added a checkbox that, if checked, always creates a new Salesforce record rather than updating an existing record (the default).
  • Form save actions now update Sitecore xDB contact facets with personal information at the same time as creating/updating Salesforce records.
  • BREAKING: Changed mappings so Sitecore form field names are mapped instead of form labels.
  • Now allows for a CultureInfo.DateTimeFormat.TimeSeparator other than ":". Force the SOQL building query code to use the InvariantCulture so the required format is applied. 

Changes to the S4S code generation feature (that produces strongly typed .NET objects from Salesforce classes) include:

  • If configured, exclude relationships to custom fields. Don't generate .NET types for __ChangeEvent, __History, and __Share.
  • If generating without custom fields, exclude picklist values containing "__". These typically represent relationships to custom sObjects.
  • Detect and skip duplicate picklist value entries. Fix the generated properties for *Picklist to set based on the enum value rather than the description attribute.
  • Detect references to sObjects that aren't exposed via the metadata.
  • Generate "extends" for Apex classes extending other classes

Other S4S changes include new support Sitecore Services Client. See more on our release notes page. Note the upgrades have also been applied to the S4S release for Sitecore 9.0 (Release 2.900.19066.2).

S4S has a List Builder to support importing campaigns and report members to Sitecore EXM. Changes made to the S4S List Builder include the following changes: 

  • Clear caching before using FieldServices to update facets.
  • Add Authorize data attribute for SSC controllers.
  • Improve campaign and report search functionality.
  • Remove converted leads column from campaign list table and improve the importing of converted leads.

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