Last week FuseIT released a new S4S upgrade for Sitecore 9.1 and 9.2 (Release 2.913.20181.1). This is a bug fixing release and does not include major changes.

No breaking changes are introduced. 

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced logging if SetContactIdentity pipeline is not used
  • S4SMapping.EnableDuplicateAllowSave config added
  • Updated SOQLResult column names when the defaultNamespace is defined. Includes first level relationship fields
  • Enhanced the BulkEntityService for processing of entities
  • Changed logic that updates Converted Leads and added a setting option to bypass Duplicate Rules

Minor Changes

These changes include the option to have a separate S4S logging file,  additional features if required. The base 

  • Enabled logging to captured in a dedicated S4S log file
  • In S4S Analytics, now use the campaign display name if present rather than the visit name 
  • Added ability to set S4S Mapping Wizard mapping on sObject Id for updating a record
  • Restore the Lead.MobilePhone field. Note - this field may not be exposed in Salesforce with the default Lead Field Level Security (FLS) settings
  • Added a config option to convert Sitecore contact identifier value to lower case 

Other Information

See the technical notes on our release notes page. Please contact us to download this release.