On Friday FuseIT released an S4S upgrade for Sitecore 9.3 (Release 2.930.20049.1). This is the first release for Sitecore 9.3 and includes the powerful S4S Now features that assist the sales and support team during live calls.

No breaking changes were required to support Sitecore 9.3. 

Minor Changes

  • Salesforce API versions were updated to v48.0 (Spring 2020) and a fix applied to the Tooling API
  • The AllRows method now supports the return of deleted records
  • DynamicQuery can now return all rows (includes deleted records in SOQL result)
  • Bulk Update Analytics Scheduled Tasks can now be scheduled in the Sitecore Content Tree (was via a config setting)

Changes to S4S Licensing

To enable new customers to select only the features they require, changes have been made to the licensing model. S4S distributions remain fully-featured when working against nonproduction instances of Salesforce (typically Developer and Sandbox Editions). When purchasing S4S, licensing can be used to switch on additional features if required. The base functionality includes the S4S libraries, Sitecore to Salesforce Form Mapping Wizard, Sitecore analytics in Salesforce support, and the Security Connector (for creating Sitecore portals with S4S). The optional modules are: 

  • Module 1:  Sitecore personalization from Salesforce. This lets Salesforce operators drive website content using Sitecore personas (profile and pattern cards) and Salesforce field values.
  • Module 2: S4S Now live call personalization. This lets Salesforce operators view Sitecore web sessions and direct Sitecore content to callers during important sales or support calls.
  • Module 3: S4S EXM supports Sitecore Email Experience Manager. This module pushes Sitecore email analytics to Salesforce leads and contacts. 

Other Information

See the technical notes on our release notes page. Please contact us to download this release.