This update looks at how to get the most out of the Sitecore to Salesforce integration but first, a few questions to see how S4S would work for you.

The Questions

S4S has powerful features to support all these questions. You need to be using them so please contact us to organize a demo to get you up to speed. Let’s make S4S an important part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Did you Know?

  • S4S tracks over 2200 known Salesforce sObject key prefixes to speed up object identification in our API calls
  • We’ve updated the Salesforce API definitions through 30 triannual releases

Installation and Upgrade Support?

If you are thinking of Sitecore to Salesforce integration you may like to trial S4S to see if it meets your needs. We are happy to schedule an online technical meeting to discuss your situation. Alternatively, you can join our next global demo. You can register for this demo, or let us know if you need a personal demo at a better time.

S4S Releases

Our S4S release for Sitecore 10 is out. If you are upgrading to Sitecore 10 you have a few decisions to make e.g.

  • Can you use the upgrade migration tool?
  • How many support patches are required?
  • Does custom code need updating e.g. ASP.NET to MVC or Core MVC
  • Are upgrades available for modules like xDB, WFFM, EXM, etc?
  • Should you migrate or rebuild?

Call Center Support

The S4S Now feature is for sales reps and support agents who converse with customers by phone. It adds a visual dimension to sales conversations. Let us know if you want a walkthrough.

We need your Feedback!

We’re building a new AppExchange product that lets Salesforce agents drive web content during sales calls (to any website technology). We’d love to run the idea past real salespeople! Do you know any! If you know anyone who can help with feedback please introduce them so they can tell us how we can improve this product.

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