In the last two weeks, we've published S4S releases for Sitecore 9 and 10 that support the latest Salesforce API versions, fix minor bugs and introduce new features. The following are the key improvements: 

  • Added classes to support REST API callouts from Sitecore to Salesforce Apex services. A custom WebHeaderCollection was created and additional async methods added to ApexRestResource which returns the HttpResponseMessage. This feature enables S4S to call REST web services in Salesforce using the same session as S4S.  
  • The S4S status page now displays API access permissions for the analytics Salesforce objects and fields. Insufficient Salesforce permissions are often a problem when installing and configuring S4S. 
  • An Opportunity Stage Facet was added to support Sitecore personalization based on the value in the Salesforce Opportunity stage field. This enables S4S to personalize web content to individuals depending on their stage in the sales funnel.
  • S4S Analytics - The profile definition now uses aliases instead of names to cater to multi-language.

 The improvements have been applied to S4S releases for Sitecore 9.1, 9.2, and 10.0

  • Release 2.1001.21070.1
  • Release 2.932.21070.1
  • Release 2.914.21070.1

See more on our release notes page. Please contact us if you need a login to our download server.