FuseIT creates enterprise integrations between Salesforce and Sitecore, and Salesforce and Micro Focus Content Manager.

If you use Salesforce and you hear the words, “Micro Focus Content Manager” or “Sitecore” you should be thinking “FuseIT”. Our enterprise Salesforce integrations extend the usability of Salesforce in many ways and will make your processes more effective.

Micro Focus Content Manager (“TRIM”) Integrations

Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) is widely used by government agencies and large organizations to manage their important documents. Salesforce integration automates the filing process and removes complexity. For example, T4S automatically files Salesforce attachments to CM. The core features of T4S include:

  • Saving Salesforce attachments to CM
  • Saving Salesforce records to CM as HTML documents
  • Creating, updating, viewing, and deleting CM records from Salesforce
  • Viewing CM records and metadata via a link in Salesforce
  • Multiple search options including predefined searches
  • Exposing CM container records for viewing in Salesforce
  • Configurable automated processes
  • Unlimited metadata fields for containers and records
  • Pulling metadata out of Salesforce fields

Please feel free to request a working demo.

Sitecore Integration

Sitecore is a leading web content management system. When integrated with Salesforce, Sitecore can attract more customers, lower churn, increase productivity and improve data quality. An integrated system creates a complete real-time view of prospects and customers.

Our S4S integration passes web form submissions and visitor browsing behavior to Salesforce so agents can view and better understand their leads and contacts. Conversely, agents can personalize website content for each visitor and S4S Now extends this to supporting live sales calls. S4S has features that:

  • Enable the fast creation of Salesforce leads, contacts, or any other Salesforce object or custom object, direct from Sitecore web forms
  • Expose an individual’s Sitecore web behavior in Salesforce
  • Allow sales reps to personalize web experiences from Salesforce lead and contact records
  • Drive live content to the website during sales calls
  • Create gated content in a Sitecore portal
  • Create a single source of truth for customer data and preferences – we favor Salesforce as our data repository with updates transacted in real-time

S4S includes round-trip functionality to support Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can request a demo to see how sales teams can leverage the website to increase sales.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support

This is a sizzling hot space ATM. Organizations are wanting the “round trip” that pushes Sitecore analytics to Salesforce and then onto their email automation system. This allows email campaigns to be created based on web behavior. Dispatched emails can point to a landing page or email subscription preference page on the website. Sitecore tracks the behavior of the arriving visitor and S4S pushes it to Salesforce – round trip completed. This process does not need to start from the website. Leads can just as easily enter the system in Salesforce, perhaps by importing a lead list, walk-in, or inbound phone call.

Proof of Concepts, Installations, and Upgrades

We offer free technical assistance to support customers, partners, Salesforce sales engineers, and RFP responders. Our wealth of experience in this space can be useful so don’t be shy in asking – we are always excited to provide expert assistance.

FuseIT SFDC Explorer

Over 20,000 developers have downloaded and used our free FuseIT SFDC Explorer to make it easier to work with Salesforce.  In the last 10 years, we’ve jam-packed Explorer with dozens of developer and admin tools.

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