The latest S4S release for Sitecore 10.2 includes the new Submit Action to support more complex mappings to Salesforce. This release also fixes some minor bugs and enables support for the latest Salesforce API versions. The following are the key improvements: 

  • New Save To Salesforce submit action that allows you to map fields on the submit action itself together with the ability to chain multiple submit actions together and also conditionally run them.
  • New Identify Sitecore Contact submit action which performs the xDB contact identification independently of the existing S4S generic save action. This allows you to identify the xDB contact and get the alias id and then use either the existing submit action or the new action to push to a staging object with the alias id that has been found.
  • Profile data is now stored in the new Sitecore Behavior Profile objects in Salesforce.
  • The ResolveXdbContactFromSalesforce pipeline has been extended to allow the overriding of the Sitecore identifier source used to identify a contact. You can also override the S4S configuration setting whether the identifiers should be converted to lowercase or not.

See more on our release notes page. Please contact us if you need a login to our download server.