This is a quarterly update about our Sitecore integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

S4S For Sitecore 10.2

We have dozens of partners using our enterprise Sitecore to Salesforce integration to overcome the many challenges of working with Sitecore’s Data Exchange Framework. S4S will definitely improve your sales and marketing processes. Our demos make it very clear how S4S attracts more customers, lowers churn, increases productivity, and improves data quality. If you can spare an hour, please let us know and we can arrange a time and date.

A number of changes have been made to S4S to support Sitecore 10.2:

  • Due to changes in Sitecore 10.1/10.2 that deprecate profiles being stored against the interactions, we have updated how the Sitecore analytics are saved in Salesforce. The behavior profiles, that were associated with interactions, are now directly associated with the contact/lead
  • S4S has a new save (submit) action to identify the current visitor. The identifier can be pushed to Salesforce without having to also push the Sitecore analytics. This allows Sitecore form values, and the identifier, to be sent to Salesforce staging objects. We have noticed an increase in customers using staging objects for workflow processing before eventually creating valid Salesforce leads or contacts. The Sitecore analytics can then be independently synced to Salesforce using the S4S Bulk Analytics Updater
  • Support for Sitecore Experience Manager (XM). This Sitecore version does not include xDB so it is not possible to push Sitecore analytics to Salesforce. A config switch can be set so the Sitecore analytics will never be pushed to Salesforce
  • A new S4S Save Action Mapping Wizard provides an alternative to using the existing S4S Forms Mapping Wizard. See more below …

S4S Save Action Mapping Wizard

This is a new Sitecore to Salesforce mapping wizard that is associated with a save action. This makes the wizard more flexible than the S4S Forms Mapping Wizard which has a one-to-one association with the form. Both wizards:

  • Can create or update Salesforce leads, contacts, or other objects from Sitecore forms
  • Map Sitecore form fields to Salesforce standard or custom fields
  • Map different Sitecore forms to different Salesforce instances
  • Auto-add new leads and contacts to campaigns to group form submitters in Salesforce
  • Can save Sitecore web behavior to Salesforce for additional sales intelligence
  • Work in real-time
  • Have shared save action code so custom actions can easily be built

The new S4S Save Action Mapping Wizard has additional features:

  • Multiple save actions can be independently configured e.g. each save action on a form could map to a different Salesforce instance
  • The form attributes including mappings are configured in the save action properties (not in an independent wizard opened from the Launchpad)
  • The save action allows multiple entries for the same form field e.g. you could populate the same value in multiple different Salesforce object fields
  • The Salesforce ID of the saved object can be returned to a form field. This is useful for chaining multiple Save Actions e.g. so the second save action references the object from the first
  • Can configure which fields to use as lookups to determine if an object should be created or an existing object updated
  • Option to only set field values when the existing value is empty

Sitecore to Dynamics 365 Integration

The new S4D integration connects Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in real-time. It includes many of the features that made S4S popular and, like S4S, it avoids blind syncing where possible. If you are using or thinking about Dynamics 365, please let us know if you want a personal demo.

FuseIT SFDC Explorer

Over 20,000 developers have downloaded and used our free FuseIT SFDC Explorer to make it easier to work with Salesforce.  In the last 10 years, we’ve packed the Explorer with dozens of developer and Salesforce admin tools.

FuseIT Downloader

It’s all happening this month - we are going live with the FuseIT Downloader, a Windows application that automatically downloads Salesforce Data Export files to a local or network file system. We are offering a free beta version to the first few customers so if you need to auto-localize your Salesforce backups please let us know and we will give you access to the download.

Proof of Concepts, Installations, and Upgrades

We continue to offer free assistance to partners doing a proof of concept (POC). Please let us know if you need feedback or help. If you just want to learn about S4S, our next global demo is on 24 May 2022 (US). Let us know if you need a personal demo.

Did you Know?

S4S works in real-time so you can view the values in Salesforce object fields before deciding to overwrite them with the values in Sitecore. Don’t mess with syncing – do it in real-time!

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