We’ve just launched our Sitecore CDP to CRM integrations! This is our quarterly update about these and our other Sitecore and Salesforce integrations.

Sitecore CDP to Salesforce Integration

CDP4S is a Salesforce package that supports both Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize . The website behavior of visitors and customers is conveniently disclosed in their Salesforce lead or contact record. This enables sales reps to adjust the website experience of prospects from Salesforce as they progress through the sales process. Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize are likely to be part of your future if you upgrade Sitecore.

Sitecore CDP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

CDP4D, is a Sitecore CDP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration that comes hot on the heels of CDP4S. Sharing almost the same features, CDP4D also interacts with Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize.

Sitecore to Dynamics 365 Integration

The S4D integration connects Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in real-time. It includes many great S4S features including real-time processing, handling lead conversion, and duplicate detection. If you are considering Sitecore to Dynamics 365 integration, let us know if you want a demo tuned to your needs.

S4S For Sitecore 10.2

The latest release of S4S, our Sitecore to Salesforce integration, has just been published. Important changes include:  

  • New Sitecore form mapping wizard: The new S4S Save to Salesforce Mapping Wizard differs from the S4S Form Mapping Wizard in that you map each submit action to Salesforce. This enables submit actions to be chained together and executed based on form field values and/or the Salesforce response from the previous submit action
  • New Identify Sitecore Contact Submit Action: This action identifies the visitor independent of other submit actions. It allows you to identify the xDB contact, read the Alias Id and then use it in the current submit action, or the following action to push to a staging object in Salesforce
  • Profile data is stored in the Sitecore Behavior Profiles: This is a change to the S4S Salesforce Analytics package which is required to support the changes Sitecore made to the xDB schema

Previous changes made to S4S to support Sitecore 10.2 can be found in our May 2022 newsletter.

Salesforce to TRIM Integration

The Micro Focus Content Manager (“TRIM”) to Salesforce integration is bringing benefits to government departments and enterprises. The T4S integration automates the filing of documents from Salesforce to TRIM:

  • Save Salesforce attachments to Content Manager
  • Save Salesforce records to Content Manager as HTML documents
  • Create, update, view, and delete Content Manager records from Salesforce
  • Create links to Content Manager records in Salesforce
  • Use multiple search options including predefined searches
  • Expose Content Manager containers for viewing in Salesforce
  • Configure automated processes

Content Manager to Sitecore

SooT transacts documents between Sitecore and Content Manager to improve document governance processes. Some SooT features are:

  • Search and view Content Manager documents from Sitecore
  • Upload documents to Content Manager with a Sitecore upload control
  • Update or delete Content Manager documents from Sitecore
  • Save completed Sitecore forms to Content Manager as PDFs
  • Save web pages or web forms to Content Manager as PDFs
  • Add links to Content Manager documents in Sitecore’s page editor
  • Save files added to the Media Library into Content Manager
  • Synchronize Content Manager documents into Sitecore Media Library

SooT may require a new release for some Sitecore versions.

Content Manager to Elcom

Elcom is a leading Australian-based web content management, website, portal, and intranet software. FuseIT supports the Elcom to Content Manager integration by providing version updates and technical liaison. Please contact Elcom directly if you require Elcom integration.

Salesforce Tools

Over 20,000 developers have downloaded and used our free FuseIT SFDC Explorer to make it easier to work with Salesforce.  In the last 10 years, we’ve packed the Explorer with dozens of developer and Salesforce admin tools.

FuseIT Downloader automatically downloads Salesforce Data Exports using a Windows application. If you need to bulletproof the Data Export download process, this is the tool to use.

Product Training

You may be unclear about how our products work or what benefits they provide. If so, we are here to help. Similarly, if you are doing a proof of concept, installation, or upgrade, we offer free assistance. If you just want to learn about our products, contact us for a personal demo.

Did you Know?  

S4S supports a single source of truth in Salesforce to improve data quality and eliminate duplicates. This is because S4S first queries Salesforce before it creates or updates a Salesforce record. From the result, it determines the nature of the insert/update before it goes ahead and makes changes.

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