The Salesforce® CRM from Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that captures the interactions between your potential and existing customers enabling your sales team to become more effective and efficient.



Sitecore is a leading Content Management System with very powerful marketing tools. Sitecore engages customers by sensing their interests and delivering focused content to increase revenue, lifetime value and satisfaction.

Micro Focus Software

Micro Focus

When Micro Focus merged with HPE in 2017, it became seventh largest pure-play enterprise software company in the world. Like FuseIT, Micro Focus, support the Hybrid IT approach, where best-of-breed in-house software is augmented by cloud-based services.





Elcom, a leading Enterprise .NET Web Content Management System, provides organizations with a digital platform to create engaging, Intranets, Online Learning, Websites, Portals, Social Networks and Mobile sites.




Microsoft provides worldwide services spanning many fields. Partners have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support which enables FuseIT to get timely answers to complex technical questions.


FuseIT create enterprise solutions and seamless integrations between the proven technologies of our partners.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is large US based company who are worldwide leaders in cloud services. Salesforce was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff who pioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple website.

Salesforce's premier product offering, called Salesforce® or SFDC, is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). More companies trust their vital customer and sales data to Salesforce than to any other CRM company. 

Salesforce® CRM is web-based software that lets you instantly access to your customer records (or leads, accounts, opportunities, cases etc.). Salesforce® is hosted CRM software that you pay to use as a service (SaaS) and access online, making it cost-effective, easy to use, and quick to deploy.

Use the following links to find out more:

Salesforce demonstration

Click here so FuseIT can request a free trial of Salesforce Professional

Why Salesforce® CRM?

Salesforce has invested huge sums of money in Salesforce® CRM and continues to do so. Salesforce recruit the best technical resources and have built a positive environment for their staff. The result is obvious to those who have experience with other CRM software - Salesforce® is simply better.

Salesforce has an aggressive approach to product improvement, publishing new features around three times a year. Existing users are assured of ongoing improvements without requiring an upgrade process.

Salesforce and their Salesforce1 initiative have embraced mobile and interconnectivity between your apps.

Salesforce® integrate with a huge range of 3rd party apps so you can use your breed-of-breed software with Salesforce®

There are many more reasons why you should choose Salesforce as your CRM. Salesforce is flexible enough to be the first choice for almost any company.


What is Sitecore?

Sitecore’s Web Content Management System (CMS) enables companies to deliver compelling web experiences. The website content management software separates content from presentation. When content is created, say a press release, a news story, product description, technical paper, even a graphic, photo or video – it is far more useful to have the freedom to present this in many ways, and not be locked into a single page structure. CMS software lets this content be re-used, presented uniquely to different types of visitors, throughout your websites. This gives you the freedom to add and edit content to your site without duplication and maintenance hassles. A Sitecore website is like a library that can be easily managed by reshuffling shelves and books around.

Click here to view the Sitecore brochure

Sitecore in the Cloud

The latest cloud enabled versions of Sitecore allow the public components of your company website to be deployed to the Windows Azure environment. Web servers can be geographically placed to allow for more relevant, consistent and responsive visitor experiences. It is also easy to have multiple content authoring servers worldwide to improve content authoring.

Sitecore's dynamic delivery architecture is suited to both cloud deployment and traditional server configuration. Using the cloud delivery model, companys can quickly scale to meet additional needs without the costs associated with a 24X7 hosting environment. In addition, cloud computing strategies shorten the time to market while providing the additional safety of having your data geographically distributed.

FuseIT's experience with Sitecore, Salesforce and Rackspace cloud computing make it an ideal partner to build your cloud-based implementation.

Why Sitecore?

Today’s marketers need to manage not only the content displayed on sets of Web pages but also the context (and flow) in which that content appears. The business requirements for a corporate website require an extensible platform that captures, aggregates, organizes, and distributes the content for interactive experiences. Sitecore optimizes how marketers with different responsibilities, knowledge, and skills can work together to manage a website. By delivering solutions for four typical roles – the casual contributor, the product marketing manager, the web campaign manager, and the experience designer – Sitecore defines, structures, and simplifies the range of tasks required to keep content current and engaging. As a result, each marketer can manage much more of the interactive experience on his or her own, lowering the financial costs and time delays associated with depending on multiple external specialists.   

What then are the benefits of Sitecore? Sitecore reinforces how a marketing team can work together to maintain and update one or more websites. With Sitecore in place, a marketing team can easily launch a new initiative or try out innovative approaches for communicating with customers. Team members directly control not only the content but also the flow, appearance, and quality of the interactions.   

When an organization adopts Sitecore, it acquires more than an extensible platform for powering an engaging web of online resources. An organization acquires a flexible collaborative production environment, where marketers within a team can easily create, edit, review, and produce content for interactive experiences. Marketers can focus on the practice of marketing. They can apply their insights and expertise in an unfiltered manner, and do not need to depend on outside specialists to modify the experience. Thus marketers can continuously optimize the flow of content for better results and more valuable outcomes. They can orchestrate the interactions with target segments and audiences, highlight the essential information. In short, marketers enhance the overall appeal of a website through continuous improvement. The end result is a cost-effective web presence, one that is easily maintained without external resources, and where ongoing enhancements are inexpensive to make. With Sitecore, there’s an economical solution to producing content for a compelling web presence, one where the business results are measurable and fall right to the bottom line.


Micro Focus and FuseIT

is a global technology manufacturer that create a massive range of enterprise software to help businesses quickly achieve new levels of efficiency.

After building a number of software integrations with HPE (now Micro Focus), FuseIT became a Business Partner in the Information Management Partner Program (IMAP) in 2012. This flagship partner program in the information management space is for software companies building solutions on top of Micro Focus software products.

For FuseIT, the specific focus is record management with Content Manager, formerly known as HPE Records Manager and HP TRIM. CM is a scalable enterprise document and records management solution that makes it easy to capture, manage, secure, and access to your business documentation.

What is Content Manager?

Document governance is paramount in any large organization. The ability to quickly make available important documents to the right people can significantly improve business processes. CM manages documents through their entire life cycle:   

  1. Ensures governance and regulation compliance
  2. Protects documents from unauthorized access
  3. Enforces document storage and disposal policies
  4. Provides enhanced classification and search features
  5. Reduce the cost of legal discovery, investigation, and audit

 For more information about Content Manager please see the Content Manager website.


About Elcom

elcomCMS is one platform with many opportunities, from building an engaging web experience, collaborating and sharing knowledge internally through your Intranet and ensuring your sites can be viewed on any device.

elcomCMS is a modular platform, meaning you only pay for what you need, but still maintain the flexibility to increase functionality as your web requirements grow. With extensive plugins and connectors, elcomCMS can work with your existing systems or be the backbone to your multi-site requirements.

elcomCMS can be delivered in the cloud, SaaS, on-premise or hosted


About Microsoft

Microsoft Certified Partners follow implementation guidelines and receive support that ensures their clients receive the highest level of service.

A Microsoft Partner since 2007, FuseIT has enjoyed the widely-recognized benefits that have formed much of the company culture as it is today. Being a Microsoft partner means making a commitment to understanding emerging technologies and providing excellence in customer solutions.

All members of the FuseIT development team are Microsoft Certified so you can be assured of the highest level of product support.

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