You could easily argue that Sitecore and Salesforce are individually the best of the best in their respective fields. 

  • Sitecore: The ultimate website technology to attract and fascinate prospects with your amazing products (or services)
  • Salesforce: The complete set of tools to interact with and sell to prospects and retain them when they are customers

But from this, it is clear that the prospects in both systems are the SAME person so why is this not one system! Sitecore clearly had this vision when they created the Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (now EXM) module many years ago. EXM is an excellent tool but is not a full CRM like Salesforce so this draws us into an integration discussion.


Productive discussions with prospects require you know their context – where they were, where they are now, and where will they go next. This is exactly the sort of information contained in your CRM and can be used by your CMS to create a personalized and positive web experience. To have these contextual conversations you need a holistic approach to your business objectives - and think of sales and marketing as collaboratively processing the whole journey of an individual prospect.

Sales reps meeting prospects typically add and edit the encounter in Salesforce - setting the status and capturing what has been learned. If the prospect visits the company’s website the site should reflect the new status, show tailored content, and not provide a vanilla experience. An integrated system does this by pulling information from Salesforce when it needs it. Sales reps communicating by email can direct the prospect to the tailored website via a link, and later, in Salesforce, track the visitor's behavior as they browse the website. In this way, sales reps can monitor and determine their prospects' interests throughout the sales cycle. With these valuable insights, the sales rep is perfectly placed to close deals faster.

FuseIT's S4S integration is purpose-built to increase sales by improving the knowledge of the sales team. Sitecore personalization retains visitors and drives them to web forms then S4S pushes the form data and website's analytics to Salesforce for lead qualification and follow-up. Once in Salesforce, the sales rep can adjust field values to remotely control the content of Sitecore and continue to capture the prospects activities in future visits.

S4S is also elegant! Its modus operandi is to use Salesforce as a single source of data and not awkwardly replicate information in both systems. S4S also lets you create Sitecore portals so you can distribute sensitive information to privileged customers, or internal staff.

To learn more about how S4S can add value to your business please contact us for more information.