Yes sirree!

Why? Well, to start with, it's far too long for a word so frequently used (up to 45 syllables depending on pronunciation). Secondly, it can be spelled two ways, with an "s" in English-UK and a "z" in English-US, and lastly, it is probably the wrong word anyway. 


This tirade started when we were required to create a code namespace of fewer than eight letters (seven was all that was left after including our company name). Since the code was about Sitecore personalization (personalisation) we had to look for alternative names:

  • persona: Rejected as it means something else
  • individ: Truncated from individualization. Rejected as this is another long and silly word
  • prsnlzt: Vowels removed and truncated. Rejected as it looks like a typo
  • pz: Severely truncated. Rejected as it looks like an emoticon
  • pnation: Has a ring about it. Rejected as, in some countries, p is short for methamphetamine
  • pzation: Favored for English-US (psation for English-UK)

Having settled on pzation for our namespace we had to consider potential competitors or other meanings in other languages. All good there.

Now, back to pzing my Sitecore website!