Last year Sitecore announced its partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This will result in an integration that will help digital marketers build personalized marketing campaigns using a range of communication options. This best-of-breed combination will further extend the current capabilities offered by Sitecore's Email Experience Manager (EXM).

Some of the advantages that an integration could offer are:

  • A wizard to let marketers map Sitecore web forms to Marketing Cloud subscribers, subscriber lists, and data extensions. The wizard features should include:
    • Configurable rules will ensure duplicates are not created in Marketing Cloud
    • The ability to easily map web forms to different Marketing Cloud instances
  • Sitecore web forms should push Sitecore browsing analytics to Marketing Cloud so page visit counts, goals, pattern cards, personas etc. can be used to personalize the messages sent to Marketing Cloud campaign members
  • Push Sitecore templates and layouts to Marketing Cloud so emails have themes that match the website 
  • The ability to send emails to Marketing Cloud campaign members from within the context of Sitecore
  • Add Marketing Cloud subscriber data to Sitecore contact facets then use Sitecore rules to personalize web content when visitors arrive via an email click-through
  • Update Marketing Cloud subscribers with Sitecore email and personalization analytics

This list was the initial roadmap for S4MC, FuseIT's existing offering in the Sitecore Salesforce Marketing Cloud space. As at October 2018, S4MC supports the first two bullet points.