Sitecore customers who choose not to implement personalization are only halfway down Sitecore Road. Personalization improves visitor engagement which leads directly to more sales and, it was probably the pivotal reason for buying Sitecore. As if to put another nail in the coffin, some customers use Google Analytics (GA) instead of Sitecore analytics. This makes it even harder to configure out-of-the-box personalization which uses Sitecore analytics to make its content rendering decisions. So why personalize anyway? There are more reasons than you might think! 

Selling requires more than a switched-on marketing team with a great website. For substantive products, it also requires a highly sophisticated sales effort supported by insights into the prospect's web browsing behavior.  Today, it is common for successful companies to share web analytics with the sales team, usually in the CRM lead record. Web analytics exposed in the CRM is of tremendous value to the sales team and much more so if they originate from Sitecore. Salespeople are far more effective if they understand what a prospect is thinking before a sales call. For example, knowing which products a prospect viewed and for how long, indicates their specific interests and budget. Viewing more detailed information indicates even greater interest. Sitecore analytics in a CRM turn anonymous Sitecore visitors into real people with names, addresses, and personalities – gold to any sales team.

Sitecore Road

There is even more to this story. The values of Sitecore analytics in the CRM can be changed by the sales operator and pushed back to Sitecore for real-time personalization. This lets sales operators tweak the website to personalize the prospect's experience during the sales call and for subsequent visits. The possibilities are endless if you consider the process from a sales perspective. 

A practical example is using FuseIT's S4S integration to exchange analytics between Sitecore and Salesforce. With the behavioral data valuable in both systems, it essentially doubles the reasons you should be implementing Sitecore analytics with personalization.