For the first time in 10 years, we've sold two S4S integrations on a single day. Our relentless pursuit to help companies become more profitable has become widely recognized. Let's take a quick look at what the fuss is all about. 

Sitecore + Salesforce

Both these systems are best-of-breed. Sitecore attracts, engages, and converts website visitors to enthusiastic leads, while Salesforce manages the lead interactions, transforms them into paying customers, and ensures they are retained. Since these functions accurately describe a sales funnel, it makes complete sense to integrate the systems so key information is passed transparently through the pipeline.

S4S and the Sales Funnel

What Does S4S Do?

The simple answer is, "S4S transfers sales and marketing intelligence". Moving down the funnel, S4S passes Sitecore visitor behavior (analytics), web form field data, and personalization data to Salesforce. This is invaluable information that can be used for lead qualification, sales call preparation, email campaign personalization, identifying levels of engagement, etc. Literally, this translates to more sales. 

Information is also passed up the funnel from Salesforce. Typically this happens when a Salesforce agent wants to personalize the Sitecore experience for a prospect they are working with. Returning visitors are greeted by personalized content that increases engagement. 

S4S also lets customers create a Sitecore portal (usually for B2B partners) and if this option is exercised, a hash of the access credentials are also passed out of Salesforce to Sitecore. Another option is using the S4S List Builder to pull Salesforce report and campaign data to Sitecore xDB.

Beyond the out-of-the-box transactions, anything that exists in either system can be accessed from the other in real-time or using a scheduled task. These can be simple website call-to-actions, like an email subscription preference being updated, or more complex transactions like updating multiple related objects in Salesforce in a single API call.


I've only touched the surface of what S4S can do so if you are upgrading to Sitecore and Salesforce I encourage you to learn more about how to add value to your business in this way. Please contact us for more information or a demo of S4S in action.