As an independent software integrator, we've always viewed the big vendors as helping us more than we help them. How silly is that? 

I recently asked a vendor, "How come you don't integrate with Salesforce?". He replied, "Our customers have never asked for it". Momentarily that made sense so I thanked him and walked away. But hang on, I belatedly thought, wouldn't you like your brand exposed to 100,000+ companies that use Salesforce. Big marketplaces like the Salesforce AppExchange showcase software for free when you create an integration! No wonder nobody asked him to integrate his product with Salesforce, they've never heard of his product!

Trusted partner

The AppExchange is a great place for users to find technologies that extend Salesforce to support their specific needs. Some of these applications are in Salesforce itself and some are disparate but connected by integration. Critically, the AppExchange only has Salesforce solutions so users go there and not the wide world of Google. The same filtered view applies to many virtual marketplaces where integration is actually a way to expose your brand to a closed group of users.

Prospects seeking solutions often look no further than their favorite application marketplace, community, forum, or social network. Vendors need visibility inside these virtual stores to expose their brand to innumerable users. An integration that adds value to the application is one way to achieve this. 

If your software is not visible in the AppExchange you are missing out. A great example is our integration listing has driven leads to Sitecore for many years. It goes with saying but please contact us if Salesforce integration with your product suddenly makes sense.