Website analytics has two distinct flavors, behavior data aggregated across all visitors versus the behavior of an individual on the website. Marketing is more interested in the former because it reveals how the website is working e.g. site visits, popular landing pages, referral sources. Sales need the latter to understand the desires, nuances, capabilities, and budget of each visitor. The sales value of an individual's browsing behavior is widely unappreciated so let's focus on that.

Sales reps talk to real people so how do we find the name of the website visitor? The answer is they tell us when completing a web form or log in. Once we know their name we can start personalizing their journey with timely focussed messaging but first, we need to get the webform values and browsing behavior into a CRM. 


Let's consider how web analytics works with Salesforce. When a website form is submitted the relevant analytics data is sent to Salesforce, along with the form field values. The new lead or contact then contains a snapshot of the individual's current mindset and their historical behavior on the website. This is gold for agents preparing for a sales call or wanting to segment the individual into a campaign for future reach outs. A personalized email, sent as part of a campaign could, for example, be used to:

  • Present a special offer if a product viewed on the website is purchased before a specified date
  • Cross-sell items related to a product viewed on the website
  • Offer a free giveaway if the lead is a frequent website visitor
  • Discount a price if the visitor has not been on the website for six months

Collecting an individual's website analytics and including them in Salesforce certainly provides the sales team with a raft of up-to-the-minute intelligence. Knowing a prospect has visited the website 8 times this month, twice today, and looked at 3 product pages, is invaluable when preparing for a sales call.

To implement the storing of web analytics data in Salesforce there are a few options on the AppExchange. FuseIT's S4S is a comprehensive enterprise solution that works if your website technology is Sitecore. A release supporting other web technologies will be available in Q2 2021. If you need help or need to learn more about how to add value to your business in this way please contact us for more information.