You've got a website! You've got Salesforce! For a million reasons, they need to be connected. You will be amazed at the benefits, ease of implementation, and cost of using S4S Cloud to achieve this. This short read is about the why, how, and where.

A new approach! What's that about? First of all, it's getting really complex in the analytics space so we wiped the slate clean and started again. We wanted a real-time solution that securely passed data between your systems - no third-party hosting, intermediate data lakes, scheduled syncing, or any complexity like that at all. Frankly, we did not want to see or host any of your data.

Salesforce Lead Generation

Modern web browsers can do things that simply were not possible five years ago. For example, a single script on your website (about two minutes effort) can submit your web form submissions securely and directly to Salesforce. Another can send the behavior of each website visitor to their Salesforce record. Notice the data moves between systems you already own - no third party in sight. It's all very easy but let's get back to the why!

From small enterprises to corporate giants, Salesforce is invaluable for tracking and progressing anonymous unknown individuals to valued customers. Traditionally websites feed prospects into the start of this process (the funnel) but this is changing. More and more, websites are viewed as a continuous source of up-to-the-minute intelligence to Salesforce, and importantly, a means to improve the prospect's level of engagement throughout the sales cycle. This is the domain of S4S Cloud - qualitative analytics. 

S4S Cloud adds value in three significant ways: (1) Rapidly and securely connects website forms to Salesforce leads and contacts, (2) pushes each visitor's website browsing behavior to Salesforce providing intelligence to the sales team, and (3) delivers website visitors unique personalized experiences as they progress through the sales cycle.

Mapping Web Forms to Salesforce

S4S Cloud uses a single script to send web form values to Salesforce lead or contact records. A new record is instantly created or an existing record is updated if a match can be found. S4S Cloud eliminates the need to log in to another system to access your form submissions. 

S4S Cloud setup is very simple. Contrary to historical norms, S4S Cloud maps the form fields to Salesforce within Salesforce. In fact, with S4S Cloud, almost everything is controlled, orchestrated, and configured from Salesforce.

Pushing Website Behavior to Salesforce

McKinsey reports that the "extensive use of customer analytics has considerable impact on corporate performance". Providing the Salesforce team with insights into a prospect's website behavior is powerful intelligence. S4S Cloud supplies a virtual flood of information to Salesforce from the website - from pages visited, durations, goals, and visit recency, to derived intelligence like engagement level, budget, purchase readiness, culture, and more.

S4S Cloud tracks the website behavior of each visitor and pushes it to their Salesforce record. From the incoming data stream, the Salesforce team can set automations to extract exactly the information they need e.g. creating goals or engagement values if the prospect downloads a white paper, triggering an alert in Salesforce when the lead returns to the website, or adding a visitor to a campaign if they view a key page.

Delivering Personalized Experiences

Another McKinsey report stresses the importance of personalization, "Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen." S4S Cloud empowers the Salesforce team with personalization control over the website. What does this mean? When a Salesforce lead or contact field value is updated (usually after a prospect interaction), the new values "switch in" providing the opportunity to create targeted content and messaging when the prospect visits the website. With this type of personalization, it's possible to highly engage prospects e.g. using a simple "Great to catch up, let's talk next week" pop-in message, exposing a link to a purchase agreement, or fully refocusing web content to promote a particular product. 


The power of S4S Cloud is evident but the best part is how easy and flexible it is to use, and how soon you can be up and running. S4S Cloud lightweight scripts can be installed on any web technology and work with a Salesforce package.


If you would like to see S4S Cloud in action or need to learn how it could energize your sales pipeline, please contact us for more information.