Many years ago in this neck of the woods (down under), the term Claytons was commonly used to refer to something that is but isn't! The term came from an advertisement for a non-alcoholic beverage that claimed Claytons was, "The drink you are having when you are not having a drink".

In a way, Salesforce Data Exports are a Claytons in that they don't actually get any data out of Salesforce - it's the export you are doing when you are not doing an export. While the Data Export collates and compresses Salesforce records into zip files it leaves them languishing in the cloud. This falls short of what I would call an export. The FuseIT Downloader is a Windows application that finishes the job by downloading the files to a location outside Salesforce. 

Extending a feature in the popular FuseIT SFDC Explorer, the FuseIT Downloader is a GUI application that lets users create a download schedule that automatically pulls the zip files out of Salesforce. Previously this required a system administrator to set up a Windows Scheduler to execute a command line with several parameters. This approach is unfriendly and did not provide informative feedback on the success (or failure) of the download.


Downloading the zips


The FuseIT Downloader is a complete reworking of the command-line features in the FuseIT SFDC Explorer and includes several set and forget features:

  • Automatic update and download operations without using scheduled tasks
  • Windows background transfer increases download reliability and resumes of large files
  • Secure OAuth2 authentication with no manual security tokens
  • Retries are delayed allowing time for network issues to be resolved
  • Org export lists are automatically checked for failed downloads and files no longer available
  • Audit trail logging of update results and individual file downloads. The audit trail is per org

Other features in the GUI include:

  • Download progress is available at a glance
  • Control download operations on individual files or whole lists
  • Data exports remain on the list even after they disappear from Salesforce
  • Change the display name of your orgs to keep track of them
  • If a download fails, Windows notifications are raised after a configurable number of hours or retries
  • Optional direct SMTP email notifications with automatic fallback if the email fails to send

The FuseIT Downloader interface is easy to use and the automated downloading of data exports can be achieved with a high level of confidence.

FuseIT specializes in Salesforce integration. Our enterprise integrations enable the real-time exchange of data between systems including Salesforce, Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Micro Focus Content Manager. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of our integrations in action.