Sitecore Personalize (and Sitecore CDP) is the technology du jour at this year's Sitecore Symposium. They are perfect technologies for dealing with web optimization and behavioral analytics in a composable way.

Over the last six months, we have developed CDP4S, a Salesforce integration that makes it super easy to understand the website behavior data captured by these technologies. Even better, the collected web intelligence (the visitor's needs, state of mind, level of engagement, budget, sales readiness, and more) sits beside everything else known about the prospect in their Salesforce lead or contact record. Sales teams can even modify field values in Salesforce, like the lead status, to cause personalizations to occur when the lead next visits the website.

Sitecore CDP to Salesforce

CDP4S is a Salesforce package that transacts directly with Sitecore CDP. CDP4S supports all architectures that support Sitecore CDP e.g. headless, edge, and Sitecore XM Cloud. No installable Sitecore components are required. The following is a typical visitor journey:

  • Visitor arrives on the website for the first time
  • Their browsing behavior is pushed to a new Sitecore CDP guest record
  • The visitor submits a web form on the website
  • The form field values, an identifier, and browsing behavior are sent to Sitecore CDP
  • In Sitecore CDP the guest record is converted to a customer
  • CPD4S creates or updates (as determined by the identifier), a Salesforce lead or contact record 
  • CPD4S surfaces the guest's Sitecore CDP browsing behavior in Salesforce 
  • The Salesforce team uses the information to prepare for sales calls and communications
  • Updates to Salesforce record fields are reflected back to Sitecore CDP and used for website personalization  

Driving Sitecore personalization from Salesforce is both powerful and useful. During the sales cycle, sales teams can personalize web content, and pop-up messages to make the web experience more relevant to visitors, and drive more conversions.

CDP4S is designed to ensure your business gets the maximum value from Sitecore CDP by supporting the capture of form data and website behavior in Salesforce while enabling website personalization from Salesforce. If you are considering Sitecore or upgrading your existing Sitecore instance, and currently use Salesforce, a demo of CDP4S is an absolute must. 

FuseIT specializes in Sitecore to CRM integration. Our enterprise integrations enable the real-time exchange of data between Sitecore technologies and Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.