FuseIT SFDC Explorer

The FuseIT SFDC Explorer is a FREE windows application. It has no spyware, nag screens, time restrictions or other annoyances. Get your free copy now and enjoy using FuseIT SFDC Explorer!

Please note you will need .NET 4.6.1 framework or above as this has native support for TLS 1.1/1.2.

Download zip (portable version) 
Download Installer

Use our online WSDL Parser or download the full version FuseIT SFDC Explorer so you can

  • Create SOQL queries against your Salesforce® database schema
  • Easily see the schema master-detail and lookup relationships
  • Search for Entities
  • Run APEX test methods and view the debug log
  • Save your data export files to your server without individually selecting each one for download
  • Data export command line functionality
  • Generate APEX classes and test classes for code coverage from a WSDL

After you have used the Explorer we encourage you to tell us how it can be made better. Please drop us a line via our contacts form.

FuseIT has other products including:

  • S4S: Sitecore to Salesforce® integration with enterprise features.
  • S2T and T4S: Micro Focus Content Manager to Salesforce® integrations.
  • G4S: Integrates Microsoft .NET systems to Salesforce®.

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