Accredo to Salesforce Integration


Accredo is accounting software that has achieved a significant market share in Australasia. The Salesforce® integration significantly extends the capabilities of the product by making the account data available to a much wider audience of authenticated users.

The Accredo to Salesforce integration lets you connect your cloud-based CRM with the popular and powerful Accredo accounting package. The Accredo to Salesforce integration lets you push and pull Accredo information to and from Salesforce. While the current connector works with Salesforce accounts, contacts, products, opportunities, and quotes, the data from any other Salesforce object can be integrated with little effort. Data can even be mapped, in both directions, from custom objects and fields. Synchronization between the two systems can be configured to execute manually, or at regular time periods.

The benefits of making Accredo data available in Salesforce include:

  • Enabling sales reps to view customer information while out of the office.
  • Using Salesforce Dashboards and Reports to analyze and forecast customer sales and patterns.
  • Exposing Accredo products and stock levels to mobile Salesforce users.
  • Updating and adding Accredo customer and contact details from Salesforce.
  • Managing client meetings with Salesforce events and tasks.
  • Managing access to Accredo data with built-in Salesforce security.
  • Leveraging standard Salesforce functionality to include your accounting data.

Integrating Salesforce with Accredo lets you easily develop custom Salesforce functionality such as Visualforce pages and workflows to enrich the Accredo information for your company’s mobile sales reps and administrators.


How does Integration Work?

The Accredo to Salesforce integration has components installed in two environments:

  • Salesforce: A package is installed in the customer's Salesforce instance that adds the required custom fields showing the Accredo information. If required, more fields can be added so information can be pushed from Salesforce to Accredo in real-time.
  • Accredo Server: The primary component is installed on the customer's Microsoft Accredo server. This server will either be at the customer's premises or hosted by a third-party (and potentially cloud-based). The installed components use FuseIT's G4S module to push and pull data to and from Salesforce. An editable XML file allows fields in both systems to be mapped to each other. If required, a web service can be hosted to receive live updates from Salesforce.

The integration requires a dedicated Accredo user to be assigned for transacting information between the systems. Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited is recommended although Salesforce Professional Edition can be used if the Partner API is enabled.

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