Micro Focus Content Manager to Salesforce (S2T)


S2T is a cloud application that installs into your Salesforce instance and provides the ability to push attachments to Micro Focus Content Manager. This connector uses web services and does not require software external to Salesforce.


S2T is a native Salesforce application that lets operators push attachments and chatter documents to one or more Micro Focus Content Manager instances. Documents can be synchronized when they are attached, then moved or copied to Content Manager. The Content Manager information is viewable in Salesforce via web links. S2T essentially makes Content Manager disappear to Salesforce users.

What are the S2T features?

  • Onshore record retention (data residency) solution
  • Send Salesforce attachments and chatter documents to Content Manager
  • Works with custom objects
  • Push is initiated by a button click
  • Includes create, update and delete functionality
  • Save Salesforce records to Content Manager as PDF documents
  • Upload documents to targeted containers in Content Manager
  • Content Manager location can be globally set or individually overridden
  • Configurable for multiple Content Manager instances
  • Override default Content Manager credentials with personal credentials
  • Two-way SSL connection between Salesforce and Content Manager
  • Supports REST and SOAP calls to Content Manager
  • Native Salesforce application


S2T is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange so is a Salesforce.com managed package. S2T uses web services to pass individual or multiple records to configurable locations in Micro Focus Content Manager - see the brochure for more information.

Please contact us for a demo or to learn more about S2T.

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