Filename: FuseIT.Downloader.Install.exe
Size: 130,946KB
MD5 Sum: B42621E8FF6759A1D0716666C803B9A9
Download Directory: Files


The  FuseIT Downloader is a subscription-based tool to put a GUI around Salesforce Data Export processing, and automate downloads from other endpoints. The FuseIT Downloader will install and run but not download files without a license. This should allow you to confirm your environment and suitability. The installer has a client and a service. The in-app licensing has two tiers:

  • Single Seat (single machine, single user)

Allows one user running a unified instance to connect up and do as many downloads and orgs and sites as needed. In this situation, install the client and service together (default). Example usage: You are a developer or an admin running everything off your desktop.

  • Enterprise (split configuration, multiple users)

Service runs on one machine, client on another, and multiple users. Example usage: Several team members could be connecting to a central download server in the cloud 

The client runs on Desktop OS Windows 10 20H2 or newer. The service component runs on a wider range of Windows Desktop or Server OS. The Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may pop up during the installation with the following message:

Defender Screen  

Click the More Info link in the window. The following window will pop up: 

Defender Second Screen  

Click the Run anyway button to start the installation.

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