Empower sales and support agents with web interaction capabilities to dramatically improve customer engagement. Energize conversations by presenting targeted web content and relevant messaging. Use Send2CRM to create contextually-aware conversations to improve conversion rates.

Website Administrators

  • Map and connect any new or existing web form to submit directly to Salesforce
  • Capture web behavior in Salesforce
  • Implement dual-mode personalization. Enable client-side auto-personalization and/or control personalization from the visitor's Salesforce record
  • Very simple setup (similar to Google Analytics)

Unknown Website Visitors

  • Enjoy an improved experience with client-side auto-personalization
  • Highly reactive web performance
  • Web content that better addresses their needs
  • Web form submissions are in real-time so responses are faster

Known Website Visitors

  • Enjoy an improved experience with personalization controlled form their Salesforce record
  • See personalized messages and reminders from their Salesforce agent
  • Be quickly directed to any web page by Salesforce agents
  • Upload or download specific documents under the direction of a Salesforce agent

Salesforce Agents

  • Review new and updated Salesforce records created by web forms
  • View visitor web behavior in their Salesforce record
  • Share the website behavior with platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot
  • Convert leads during sales calls (and link the website behavior to their record)
  • Set a flag to receive a notification if a visitor returns to the website
  • Create and display reminders in a visitor's browser

Learn More

Learn how to capture visitor details, map web forms to Salesforce leads or contacts, push website behavior to the Salesforce record, upload documents to a Salesforce record, change web content from Salesforce, dual-mode personalization, identify when a visitor returns and alert a Salesforce agent, send messages to the website from Salesforce. Learn more about how Send2CRM works.

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