Sitecore for Salesforce EXM

The S4S EXM module integrates Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) with Salesforce. S4S EXM improves the sales process by surfacing Sitecore intelligence, engagement analytics, and email response information in Salesforce. This information lets the sales team better prepare follow-up emails, create more targeted campaigns, and learn valuable information before making direct contact with the recipient.

S4S EXM extends S4S List Builder by surfacing the effectiveness of Sitecore email campaigns in Salesforce.


About Sitecore for Salesforce EXM

Sitecore EXM tracks and closely scrutinizes the journey of individual email recipients at all stages of a Sitecore campaign including their click-through behavior on the company website (pages visited, goals reached and much more). The S4S EXM module pushes this detailed information to the recipients' individual Salesforce record for evaluation and reporting. S4S EXM provides closed-loop visibility so the effectiveness of email campaigns can be measured - and future campaigns adjusted accordingly.

  • S4S EXM uses S4S to push Sitecore xDB email analytics to Salesforce lead and contact records
  • Sitecore Contact Lists must initially be populated with S4SLB (included with S4S)
  • If a Sitecore Contact List originates from a Salesforce Campaign (not a Report): 
    • If email recipient opts out of a campaign, the status is updated in the Sitecore EXM section of the Salesforce lead or contact record
    • If email recipient opts out of all campaigns the standard opt-out status is updated in the Salesforce lead or contact record


Using S4S EXM with Sitecore Email Experience Manager

S4S EXM works with the S4S List Builder to deliver full round trip reporting of email delivery. A typical end to end process is:

  1. Salesforce operator creates a campaign or report that is a list of intended email recipients
  2. Sitecore marketer opens S4S List Builder in the Sitecore Desktop and imports the Salesforce list creating a Sitecore Contact List
  3. Marketer creates a new, or uses an existing, Sitecore email campaign and attaches the Contact List to the campaign
  4. Marketer dispatches the emails to the contact list
  5. Individual recipients receive emails and act or don't act, on them 
  6. The behavior is tracked by Sitecore analytics and available for scrutiny using Sitecore reports
  7. S4S EXM regularly pushes the analytics to individual contact and lead records in Salesforce
  8. Salesforce operators can view the response of each individual and run reports to view the success of the email campaign


Technical Information and System Requirements

S4S EXM requires Sitecore 8.2 or above. For more details about this module please see the installation documentation.


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