Sitecore for Salesforce Now

S4S Now is the perfect tool for inbound responders! Simply put, it lets Salesforce operators take control of the caller's website in real-time during sales or support calls. The power of S4S Now can be seen in a single picture.


S4S Now

What am I looking at?

The S4SNow tab in Salesforce shows a list of visitors currently on the Sitecore website. The image shows three visitors, each with a Customer ID.

Website visitors who call, or are called, by sales operators can authorize the operator to simultaneously interact with them on the website. After identifying the visitor, the operator can see important Sitecore information in the corresponding line item, for example, Customer 6632:

  • Has visited 11 pages on this visit
  • Has an engagement value of 24
  • Has been on the website for only 3 minutes
  • This is the first visit
  • Has Sitecore pattern cards of a leisure cyclist and family traveler (indicating behavior)
  • Already exists in Salesforce as a lead

The operator can take several actions during the call:

  • Adjust the Sitecore personalization for the current visit and future visits
  • Set a redirect to any web page or document URL so the visitor is shown specific sales or supporting data - see adjacent panel
  • Create a new lead, contact or case from information provided during the sales call
  • Directly access and edit the callers lead or contact record if it already exists

Why is S4S Now so powerful?

S4S Now works with anonymous visitors. No login or authentication is required. Examples of content that can be shown to the visitor during voice, conference or video calls are:

  • Pages on a company website like
    • Product detail pages
    • FAQ’s and support information
    • Images
    • Pages where email and personal preferences are set
    • A calendar to discuss possible appointment times
    • A map page to discuss locations, journey times, and parking information
  • Hidden pages on the website like
    • Competitor comparisons
    • Deal pricing
  • PDF documents made available from Salesforce or elsewhere like
    • Specifications
    • Warrantees
    • Legal documents
  • Pages on third-party websites like a payment provider

S4S Now is a real-time tool that can reduce, or even eliminate, email interactions with prospects and customers.

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